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Tank Update

So, it’s been approximately three weeks since Tank got his Deslorelin implant, and I thought I’d update everyone on how he’s responding to the treatment.

Tank had pretty severe hair and weight loss due to his progressing adrenal disease. He was lethargic, had very little appetite, had mild irritable bowel symptoms and was cranky. Since his implant, his appetite has tripled, his energy levels are consistent and steady, and he’s playful, happy, and pottying normally again! Yesterday, he even was playing with the Shop-Vac while I was vacuuming the ferret room, dancing around it and attacking the tool.

I haven’t seen any hair regrowth yet, but that will come in the next month or so, probably. His skin, however, has improved and he is less itchy. I am seeing some oiliness which sometimes can be associated to pre-hair growth, so I hope that proves to be true!

Here’s a photo from yesterday of the big boy chowing down. He’s putting weight back on rapidly, and now moves and walks like a normal ferret and not an adrenal ferret!

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  2. I had no idea Tank had lost so much hair. :( Poor wee man. I’m glad the des is helping him though! I hope he’s back to his furry self in no time.

    • Thanks, love. My poor boy!

      • I knew he had adrenal, just not that bad. Man. I feel bad for the little guy! :( **hugs to you and the Tanker**
        I’ve been meaning to tell you that Bomber’s doing pretty good right now, so we’re holding off on the canned for now as long as he continues to do ok on raw. I really want to keep him on it if I can and don’t want to mess with his diet right now if he’s doing just fine with where he’s at. I think part of his problem was I was doing three weeks reishi, then three weeks off, but he seems to do better with two weeks reishi, two weeks off.
        Anyways, just wanted to let ya know how things were going with that. And I hope my Tankman grows some handsome furs back in soon!

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