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Toys are an important part of stimulating your ferret’s mind and body. Playtime is a great stress release, bonding time, and emotional stabilizer. But every ferret plays a little differently, and they all love different toys and playstyles. Some prefer to play alone, some like playing with other ferrets, and some love to play with their mamas and daddies!

These are some of the kinds of toys we have out right now. The large dog squeaky bone is Tank’s favorite thing ever and has been for years. It weighs as much as he does and he clumsily drags it around the room, attempting to stash it inside tunnels (fail) or under the futon.

The hard plastic jingle toys seem to attract Mudflap the most. He gets excited about high-pitched bell noises, and will dook very loudly and run off to hide from the noisemaker before bounding out in a heavy-footed dance.

Smudge is very much into tucking and scooting plushies, hence the number of stuffed toys, stashables, and plush toys. She also likes crotched eggs that have coins in them, sometimes the ones with rice or beans.

Banshee seems to like most noise-making toys, but is obsessed with mylar crinkle ball cat toys. So much so that I buy them in bulk, and I couldn’t even find any when I took this photo. I suspect they are all hidden in her favorite hammock, she likes to bring her babies to bed with her.

The famous Tuck-n-Scoot!

I browse cat toy aisles most often for ferret toys, and while rubbery toys are not always safe choices, there are some out there that I have found to be tough and safe for ferrets. My girls love the Petstages ORKA Wiggle Worm a lot, and all of the Planet Dog Orbee toys (raspberry, strawberry, etc.) I couldn’t find any of these toys as the girls tend to stash them in the tunnels when they come out to play. The boys, when they come out, will go through the tunnels, pull out all the toys, and put them around the room in easier-to-find places. It’s a never-ending cycle.

And of course, tunnels are popular with every ferret, always. I like to keep both hard plastic drainage piping (which runs along the wall behind the futon) and the clear vinyl dryer hosing, which can be tied up, twisted, and otherwise created into exciting routes. My guys love it especially when I wind the tunnel up over the futon or a chair, so they have to climb and then have a fun slide! I also keep a large cat-sized crinkle tunnel, which is a popular wrestling destination.

What toys do your kids play with the most?

7 Responses to “Toys!”

  1. lesbubbly says:

    My ferret has an infamous skunk named Pepe LaPue and he must never be seen out in the open! We put him on top of our speaker and he always disappears from sight. Sometimes I’ll catch her dragging him down the stairs, but usually he is whisked off at 90mph!!! Poor Mr. Skunkie!!

    The Stones

  2. harleybird says:

    Speaking of toys I am going to blog about bird toys shortly. I am trying to sell some that I make but it seems there was a freak out about the ones I sell. Come to find out people just need to relax. LOL! Nothing is 100% safe and you just have to use common sense. But it seems no one is selling that. :P

    • Pet owners sort of expect an absurd level of safety and sterility to items they give their pets – which is not only impossible to guarantee, but also ridiculous since nothing in life exists that way. Toys especially can be dangerous, but there are common sense considerations owners should think about. I’d love to see the toys you make – I occasionally use bird foraging toys for the ferrets to keep them busy in their cages. My bf’s brother also has a Quaker who I like spoiling (we’re besties, I birdsit her when he is gone and she loves to sit with me and watch TV!) So if I see something I like, I might need to make a purchase :)

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