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What To Do If You Find A Ferret Outside

Yesterday I saw on Facebook that someone had called the Massachusetts’ Ferret Friends to report seeing a ferret loose on the beach on Plum Island, MA. After speaking with the shelter operator who got a description of the animal, it sounded more to us like the animal was a mink, and not a ferret. Plum Island is very near to
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Another Night Visit

Yesterday, I was notified that a littermate of Morgan’s was likely coming back to the breeder through a series of terrible circumstances for his owner, and that she would adopt him out again most likely. This brother is the boy who, when I went to my first show and met Morgan, I held first. I feel terrible for the owner
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More mustelids!

I so enjoy living in a place where we have abundant wildlife, and since moving to Gloucester, MA, I’ve been delighted at how many wild mustelids live in the area. Last fall, I stood on Sal’s parents’ deck watching a mink (Neovison vison) as he groomed himself on a rock not 20 feet from me. Then, Sal’s father excitedly showed
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